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Welcome to Omnitech Lighting

Omnitech Lighting was established in year 2014, and is engaged in Design, Manufacture and supply of Architectural and General Purpose professional LED lights.
Omnitech Lighting offers a complete range of modern, aesthetically designed and energy efficient LED lights for external and internal applications.Our LED lights have high reliability built into thedesign through years of research and development. All critical components such as electronic drivers are manufactured and tested to latest Indian and International standards.
OLT LED lightsundergo rigorous testing for extreme temperature and humidity conditions to ensure reliability in all operating conditions. All OLT LED Lightsare tested and certified for LM 79 Compliance of Optical performance at UL state-of-the-art photometric laboratory which enables us to control allcritical parameters of the light output of our LED lights. OLThas Photometric data Files (IES Files) for every type of LED light that we design and manufacture. The IES files help thecustomers and architects to design and select appropriate number and quantity of OLT LED Lights for each application using any Design software like DIALUX, RELUX or AGi 32.


Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb 140 years ago and the world changed. Our lives were filled with light, and the glow around the world is now visible from outer space.
Economic prosperity now spreads the night time glow to all parts of our planet. Lighting has enriched our lives as no other invention. However it also consumes almost 20 percent of the energy that we generate and has also led to global concern to reduce carbon emissions and prevent global warming.

Energy saved is better than energy generated. OLT LED light is the answer in our quest to save energy in an easy and affordable way A changeover to LED lighting at our work places, in schools, hospitals, entertainment centers, in public places and in our homes, will save energy as no other device can. LED lights, the marvel of modern lighting technology , has empowered us to make a meaningful contribution to save our planet.