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Profile : Technical features of OLT LED lights

With OLT LED lighting, it is time to reclaim our Vanishing Night. Efficient lighting with less energy is now in our hands...

OLT lights use efficient electronic drivers made for Indian Climate suitable for supply voltage variations between 160V to 280V, typically delivering a power factor of above 0.9 and up to 4KV surge protection. Our LED lighting solutionshelp in saving energy over 65% in comparison to conventional lighting.

OLT LED lights provideup to 100,000 hours of maintenance free operation. Under standard electric supply conditions this translates to over 10 years of continuous operation without replacement of parts. Being solid state lighting devices, there are no filaments or gas filled tubes in LED lights.

OLT LED lights comply with applicable standards for LEED certification for Green Buildings. Our dedicated team in design and production ensure that high reliability and quality is built into every OLT luminaire for total customer satisfaction.

Lighting design support from OLT

OLT offers technical support to customers and architects to simulate lighting effects that meet design requirement of clients. OLT has photometric data files for all LED lights on offer.

OLT LED Lights are designed and manufactured based on following four parameters

Weaim to establish benchmarks in each LED Lighting Product we offer to facilitate well illuminated Streets & facilities, help in increasing Public Safety at Night in our rapidly urbanizing cities, and lead the Lighting Industry to make Energy Efficiency a way of life for our future generations to live in a clean Environment.